Labor Day Love & Laughter

I got so much accomplished today. Cleaning out old paperwork and clutter that seemed to have accumulated since January.  Where has the year gone.  The third quarter is upon us making it a requirement to consider what do we need to do to create an amazing 2013.

Now is the time to make goals, plans and a timeline to create the life you love and deserve to have by making it plain to your consciousness.  Creating what you want to see in your life is as simple as being dedicated to imagining only positive thoughts of what you want to see, be, do and have in your life and your world.

Thinking only positive and loving thoughts is so important because when you remain focused on creating the life you love, you help the world become a more beautiful, compassionate, and honorable place not only for you but for your loved ones and everyone else as well.

Decide today to stop living in pain, stress, anxiety, anger, lack or anything else that does not support you in living a loving and beautiful quality of life.  Watch funny movies, avoid television especially the bad news, and be ever watchful of your thoughts. Think only good things and above all make your life a labor of love and laughter!


Create The Life You Love With The 49 Days 2 Fabulous Formula


Create the life you love with the 49 Days 2 Fabulous Formula

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you could do what you really wanted to do? Do you seem to get off to a great start with a project only to lose steam when faced with a seemingly insurmountable obstacle? Does this pattern of stop and start happen time after time?

On the other hand, have you been told so many times that your dream is too big or too strange that you start to believe it and become one of those who don’t have the courage to try. Those who don’t support you are afraid to reach for their dreams and want you to be afraid as well. You can reclaim your personal power instead of letting it slip away. The 49 Days 2 Fabulous Forum is a system designed to guide and support you on your own personal path to perfection every step of the way.

Deep inside, you know that you deserve a better life then what you live now. Wouldn’t you love to live like the people you secretly admire? Those people who seem to have figured out how to live life on their own term?  Why don’t you get what you want? Do you even know what you really want? If so, what’s blocking you from seeking and reaching your full potential? Would you believe the way to getting everything you want can be as easy as 1,2,3…
  • Ask
  • Receive
  • Allow

That’s it! Just Three Simple Steps along with your unwavering faith are all you need to unlock the secret to manifesting whatever your heart truly desires. Unfortunately, simple is not the same as easy; however, with a template of time-tested truths you can develop the habits and practices to clarify chaos and create the life you love to live.

In the 49 Days 2 Fabulous Forum you will stop the struggle by practicing techniques that Attract & Draw Your Divine Destiny To You! The 49 Days 2 Fabulous Forum is based on the ancient Chakra system of seven powerful energy centers located throughout your body. The Chakras are associated with the state of our health, wealth, and wisdom. When these energy centers are blocked we experience poor health, lack of self-worth, diminished awareness, and low self-esteem that fosters victim mentality.

Chakra Pic
In the 49 Days 2 Fabulous Forum, we regain our confidence and find our focus by dedicating seven days to learn and experience the significance of the correlation between each Chakra and the organs of the body. Forum participants agree that knowledge of the physical and emotional diseases may be manifested when one or more Chakra is blocked or out of balance is one of the most empowering benefits of the 49 Day System.
I’m sure you will agree we’ve all had enough negative experiences to last a lifetime.
Isn’t it inspiring to know that when we practice learning how to focus our thoughts and actions with faith on what we desire, we receive it. Rather than manifesting more of what we don’t want when we praise the present we set ourselves up to receive the good we deserve and desire.
Some of the healing tools from which you may choose to use on you to money during your journey you will learn In the 49 Days 2 Fabulous Forum are as follows:
  •  Which Colors to Choose and how they affect your Moods
  •  Sensuality Survey, Scents to successfully enhance Healing the Emotions.
  •  Subtle benefits of Flower Remedies on the Mind, Body,Spirit, and Emotions.
  •  Herbs & Foods to enhance your Creativity, Productivity & Health.
  •  Your Best Friend is Your Paper and Pen: Journal Writing Workshop.
  •  Affirmations & Goal Settings-Getting Clear on What You Want by When.
  •  Cycles of Life – Planning Activities With The Natural Rhythms
  •  of Wisdom.
  • Personality Profiles-Personal and Professional Relationship Remedies.
  • (and many, many more!)
Once a week you will receive a schedule of activities from which you may choose to discover, heal and reprogram each of these energy centers with daily actions that are fun, interactive and thought-provoking. These activities gently encourage and guide you on your journey to take a deeper look at the source of your habits, beliefs, and patterns of action that attract your hopes and dreams or stand in the way of them.
The end result of your journey to joy is your own unique sacred self-scripted life plan. Rather than taking cues from the success of others, the 49 Days 2 Fabulous Forum encourages personal perfection through self-responsibility. It is also extremely satisfying because you create your very own clear road map to attract harmony, health, love, money, success and anything else your heart desires.
There is nobody quite like you, therefore, it is up to you to create and fulfill your life purpose. Take a chance on you! The only thing you have to lose are the limiting thoughts and habits that create lack and pain. On the other hand you stand to gain, peace of mind that truly lasts a lifetime.
The road may be rocky and twisted at times. When you listen and allow those whispers of wisdom to guide you from the inside (,) those mountains of misery manifest into miracles! I hope you will take the time to discover that there is a fabulous future waiting for you. Join me and a team of experts on a journey to joy where in just 49 days you will have customized your own tools to transform trauma into terrific and the faith to follow the whispers of wisdom from deep within that guide you to a healthier, wealthier, happier, mind, body and spirit.
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